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Welcome to RIKR

Founded in 2014, RIKR offers personal training, nutrition counseling, and group fitness programs seamlessly integrated under one roof by teams of specialists.

Our Team

Meet our dedicated team of professionals who work together to help you achieve the best results in the least amount of time.

Dillon Phelps

More About Dillon

Dillon is the Co-Founder and Director of Training for RIKR. He co-founded RIKR is 2014 as part of his desire to bring a new, innovative form of fitness and personal training to Bowling Green. A native of Morgantown, KY Dillon has long had a passion for fitness and being active. Dillon entered WKU wanting to pursue a path that could capitalize on his athleticism and strong interest in fitness. He decided that Exercise Science with an emphasis in personal training would be the best choice for him. Dillon’s strong aspiration to learn about fitness has lead him to train, teach, research and develop new ways to help individuals achieve and maintain lifetime wellness. Dillon believes that everyone is capable of achieving their dreams, if they are willing to work hard for it.

Hannah Cowan
RIKR Personal Trainer

More About Hannah

Hannah came to RIKR in the summer of 2016 as an intern but quickly moved into her new role as a personal trainer. At an early age, Hannah became interested in running and fitness; during the same time she also felt a strong desire to help others. When it came time to pick a college major, she decided on a degree in exercise science specifically with an emphasis in personal training. For Hannah, this degree is the perfect marriage of her passion for fitness and her desire to help others. Hannah remains an avid runner and has participated in several marathons. Hannah continues to train and research in order to continue to push the limits and transcend what we believe the body to be capable of. Hannah is a great addition to the staff at RIKR where she exudes warmth and positivity.

Kim Blaha

More About Kim

Kim started at RIKR in 2016.

Jared Coffell


Spencer Scarth
RIKR Personal Trainer

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Francesca Cortazzo

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